Clinical Trials Management System


The OnCore CTMS is a system designed to enhance clinical trial infrastructure in Alberta by increasing efficiencies in clinical trial management. This system enables increased capacity for additional studies, standardization and adoption of best practices, and improved study quality, budget management, and regulatory compliance from automated processes.

OnCore is a state-of-the-art enterprise solution in use at leading research institutions in the USA, including Yale University, Duke University, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard University.

The OnCore CTMS is a cloud-based solution hosted in a Canadian Data Centre.


Gillian Hughes at oncoresupport@ucalgary.ca

UCalgary Project Team

Dr. Stephen Freedman, Executive Project Sponsor

Sabine Moritz, Provincial Director

Mari Boesen, Provincial Project Manager

Gillian Hughes, Implementation & Training Lead

Quick Facts

Clinical Trials at UCalgary

  • Clinical trials are research studies involving human participants that include assignment to one or more interventions. Clinical trials are required by Health Canada to determine the safety and efficacy of interventions and are central to the approval process for medications, devices, and other interventions.
  • UCalgary is involved in many clinical trials, including industry-sponsored studies and investigator-initiated studies. Clinical trials provide advanced care options for patients, reduce healthcare cost, and make a meaningful contribution to the scientific prestige of the University.


  • UCalgary led an initiative to enhance clinical trial infrastructure, partnering with the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services to identify and implement a provincial Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) for Alberta.
  • Alberta institutions are the first to implement OnCore in Canada.
  • OnCore was selected unanimously by all partners following an RFP process led by UCalgary in October 2019.
  • The implementation project is supported with funding from Alberta Innovates

How Can OnCore Help Your Research Group?

OnCore can support a wide variety of clinical trials. Investigator-initiated trials across a spectrum of fields, grant-funded and industry trials can all be managed through OnCore. If a study recruits subjects, includes prospective study visits and requires financial tracking/billing, it can benefit from OnCore.

In a nutshell, OnCore:

  • Enhances clinical performance
  • Improves clinical trial reporting
  • Increases efficiencies in clinical trial management
  • Improves patient safety and management
  • Increases capacity for additional studies
  • Standardizes workflows and information
  • Ensures study quality, budgeting, invoicing, and compliance

Who Is Using OnCore at UCalgary?

Several study teams have signed on to use OnCore to manage their research activities, including: Calgary Centre for Clinical Research, Calgary Liver Unit, the Gut Motility Centre, Advanced Heart Failure, and the Ward of the 21st Century (W21C).

Is your group next? Get in touch to find out how to get started in OnCore.


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Benefits of OnCore CTMS

Benefits for Researchers and Clinicians:

  • Streamlined clinical trial processes and an increase in operational efficiency through automation, reducing the burden of administrative tasks
  • Faster trial activation
  • Improved quality of data through a reduction in redundant data entry and the use of system data input validation techniques
  • Ability to manage increasingly complex protocol schedules
  • Protocol amendments, contract amendments, and other documentation will be easier to access as a result of the centralized repository for study information
  • Reduced workload for budget creation with access to a budget template using approved / standard pricelists
  • Improved study team communications and access to study information
  • Improved scheduling and notification of schedule changes for patients leading to an improved patient experience that may also result in a decrease in missed visits
  • Increased revenue as a result of improved budgeting and financial management, leading to an increase in cost-recovery and a decrease in missed invoice items
  • Ability to accrue and track real-time revenue and internal cost accruals through recording patient visits

Visit the project website for more a complete overview of business benefits.  

Benefits for Alberta:

  • A province-wide CTMS will help make Alberta more competitive on national and international stages. It will enable our researchers to attract more clinical trial opportunities.
  • Increased clinical trial opportunities will help to attract more world-class researchers and clinicians to Alberta.