Strategic University Proposal and Platform Opportunity Review Team

The Strategic University Proposal and Platform Opportunity Review Team (SUPPORT) is a Vice-President (Research) (VPR) led initiative created to help faculty member become more successful in major grant competition and awards while ensuring that institutional commitment identified in applications can be fulfilled. SUPPORT also provides a clear and transparent process for participating in institutional program opportunities. SUPPORT assists the VPR and the Research Services Office in reviewing, approving, and prioritizing institutional level projects and in providing guidance on the supports, commitments and approvals that need to be in place in advance of submission and implementation.

SUPPORT’s function is of a strategic nature. Rather than duplicating the scientific review role (already performed at the level of the faculties), SUPPORT:

  • provides feedback regarding the business case put forward in major grant applications
  • provides insights on space and infrastructure requirements
  • identifies institutional risk and opportunity
  • makes recommendation to the VPR regarding the submission of projects (i.e. quota based competitions)
  • strategically advises applicants on how their research program could best align with specific program requirements
  • Hosts Test Your Concept sessions

SUPPORT consists of four subcommittees responsible for program specific proposal development and review. There is also a SUPPORT Executive committee.

For more information about SUPPORT, including membership lists, joining a committee, or details about the internal review process, please contact


SUPPORT Executive meets annually to discuss the success of activities, recommendations from subcommittees and to provide input into strategic initiatives. Each Subcommittee Chair also presents a summary of major initiatives within their groups, and opportunities for collaboration, development and inter-disciplinary are discussed.

  • Members include the VPR, Associate Vice-Presidents (AVP), Chairs of each subcommittee, and senior members from Facilities Development (FD), Campus Planning (CP), Fund Development and Research Services.


SUPPORT Chairs and Professorships

  • Canada Research Chairs (CRC)
  • Campus Alberta Innovates Program (CAIP)
  • Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC)
  • SUPPORT: Research Infrastructure Programs
  • Programs:
  • CFI Innovation Fund (IF)
  • CFI John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF)


SUPPORT Networks, Centres and Major Grants
 reviews large team-focused opportunities such as:

  • NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks
  • SSHRC Partnership Grants
  • NCE Networks
  • Other major NSERC programs as announced


SUPPORT Training and Professional Development Programs reviews initiatives with a strong professional development or HQP component such as:


SUPPORT Research Infrastructure Programs reviews funding opportunities for large scale infrastructure requests such as

  • CFI: John R. Evans Leaders Fund
  • CFI: Innovation Fund
  • CFI: Cyberinfrastructure Initiative