Killam Awards

Killam Memorial Chair

The Killam Memorial Chair is open to distinguished academics in the fields of science or engineering. The successful applicant, who may be an internal or external candidate, will be an internationally recognized scholar with a superior record of attracting and supervising graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.


Tiago Lier, PhD
Specialist, Research Awards
Research Services Office 

The holder of the Killam Memorial Chair will be expected to:

  • Pursue a research program that advances University and Faculty research priorities;
  • Be a major catalyst for interdisciplinary research initiatives on campus, and
  • Obtain major research and infrastructure funding from peer-reviewed competitions.

In addition to research, the Chair is expected to provide teaching and mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students.

The term of the Chair is five years. Appointments to the Killam Memorial Chair are awarded tenure at the time of the agreement, and receive both salary and an annual research allowance.

Dr. Walter Herzog, Faculty of Kinesiology, was renewed as Killam Memorial Chair for a second five year term beginning July 1, 2016.