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Killam Memorial Chair

The Killam Memorial Chairs are the University of Calgary’s highest research positions, created through an endowment by Dorothy Killam to attract, recognize, and support the most distinguished scholars. Since 1967, eight distinguished scholars have held the University of Calgary’s Killam Memorial Chair. In 2021, for the first time, the University of Calgary offered two chair positions, a senior Killam Memorial Chair and a Killam Memorial Emerging Leader Chair. The current chairholders are Dr. Kathy McCoy (Killam Memorial Chair) and Dr. Melanie Noel (Killam Memorial Emerging Leader Chair). 

There is not a current call for nominations for these chairs. Nomination must be by the Dean of the candidate’s faculty. See the terms of reference for each chair below.


Anna LeMarquand
Specialist, Research Awards & Grants
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Maryam Tahir
Specialist, Research Awards & Chairs
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Killam Memorial Chair

The Killam Memorial Chair is the most prestigious research chair available at the University of Calgary. The successful nominee will be an internationally recognized scholar in any discipline of the sciences (health, natural, or social) or engineering with a superior record of attracting and supervising graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The holder of the Killam Memorial Chair is expected to pursue a research program that advances University and Faculty research priorities, to be a major catalyst for interdisciplinary research initiatives on campus, and to obtain major research and infrastructure funding from peer-reviewed competitions.

  • Killam Memorial Chair Terms of Reference


Killam Memorial Emerging Leader Chair

The Killam Memorial Emerging Leader Chair is one of the most prestigious research chairs available at the University of Calgary. The successful nominee will be a current University of Calgary faculty member who has, at an early career stage, made outstanding contributions to their field of research or scholarship. The purpose of the chair is to accelerate the scholar’s career, and the impact of their research, to a level of international leadership. The chair provides unrestricted research funds and dedicated research time at a critical juncture in the chairholder’s career.

  • Killam Memorial Emerging Leader Chair Terms of Reference