UCalgary Visiting Scholars

UCalgary Visiting Scholars Program

Fostering international collaboration and academic exchange to enhance research and innovation

UCalgary recognizes the importance of fostering international collaboration and academic exchange to enhance its research and innovation capabilities. This program is open to both scholars based in Canada and international candidates with the goal of increasing UCalgary’s international exposure.

The Visiting Scholars Program has been established to facilitate short-term, medium-term, and longer-term visits by leading professors and eminent scholars.

The Visiting Scholars Program sponsors distinguished scholars who will make a significant contribution to the academic life of the University of Calgary, enriching our research community, raising our institutional profile, and promoting knowledge exchange across countries and continents. For medium- and longer-term visits, scholars are expected to participate in the research and teaching programs of the host faculty as well as engage in their own research.

Visiting Scholars are invited to visit UCalgary under three modes:

  1. Short-term visit (about 1 week)
  2. Medium-term visit (2-4 weeks)
  3. Longer-term visit (2-4 months, or longer)

Value of VPR Match: $5,000 - $20,000

Host must provide a minimum 1:1 match
in cash

Visits range from 1 week to several months

Award must be used within 6 months from the start date, after which unused funds must be returned

Ongoing Intake

Nomination must be submitted prior to arrival of the visiting scholar at UCalgary

Scholars are selected in consideration of our Strategic Plan, Ahead of Tomorrow, the Transdisciplinary Research and Scholarship Areas of Focus, and our Global Engagement Plan.


Types of Scholar Visits

Visiting Scholars are invited to visit UCalgary under three modes:


  • Deliver knowledge dissemination or translation event.
  • Engage in specific short-term collaborative activities.
  • Propose academic and/or research partnerships.

Eligible Activities

  • Keynote lectures: Present research findings, share expertise, and inspire the audience.
  • Contribute to panel discussions, providing insights and engaging in scholarly debates.
  • Conduct workshops: To impart specific skills or knowledge to the participants.
  • Have brief meetings or discussions with faculty members, researchers, and students to exchange ideas, offer guidance, and explore potential collaborations.
  • Engage the external community on the UCalgary campus.

Funding: up to $5,000 (CAD) will be available from the Office of the Vice-President (Research). The host (faculty member or academic unit) must provide a minimum 1:1 match in cash. 


  • Knowledge dissemination, translation, and mentorship activities.
  • Foster deeper collaboration than short-term visit.
  • Engage in joint research projects.
  • Develop academic and/or research partnerships.

Eligible Activities

  • Collaborative research: The Visiting Scholar(s) work closely with faculty members, researchers, and graduate students on joint research projects, sharing their expertise and contributing to ongoing research efforts and joint supervision of Ph.D. students.
  • Assist in the delivery of specialized courses and/or workshops: Offer intensive courses or workshops on specific topics, providing in-depth knowledge to students and faculty and may extend to communities.
  • Presentations and seminars: Deliver additional talks, seminars, or presentations to share their research and expertise with a broader audience within the institution.
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to senior and early-career researchers, offering insights and support for their academic and professional development.
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer: Engage with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, providing mentorship and guidance to enrich their research and academic experience.
  • Engage in community activities in Calgary or beyond.

Funding: up to $10,000 (CAD) will be available from the Office of the Vice-President (Research). The host (faculty member or academic unit) must provide a minimum 1:1 match in cash. 


  • Wide-reaching knowledge dissemination and translation.
  • Delivering guest lectures and providing mentorship activities.
  • Extensive collaboration and substantial research contributions.
  • Foster stronger academic ties between the scholar and UCalgary.

Eligible Activities

  • Engage in extensive collaborative research projects with faculty, researchers, and students, leading to joint publications, grant applications, or research outcomes.
  • Teaching responsibilities: Participate in teaching activities, sharing their knowledge and experience with the external community over an extended period.
  • Supervise graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, or junior faculty members, providing guidance and support for their research and professional development.
  • Contribute to organizing conferences, symposia, or workshops, bringing together experts from various fields to promote intellectual exchange and networking.

Funding: up to $20,000 (CAD) will be available from the Office of the Vice-President (Research). The host (faculty member or academic unit) must provide a minimum 1:1 match in cash.

Role of Host (Academic Unit and Faculty Member)

The host Academic Unit shall be responsible for:

  • Arrangements for publicity plan
  • Provision of office space or other workspace as required
  • Ensuring that all immigration requirements have been met, as appropriate
  • Questions related to immigration can be referred to hrimmigration@ucalgary.ca
  • Arrange a UCalgary appointment with Human Resources, if required for medium- or long-term visits. The category of appointment best suited to those coming to UCalgary under the Visiting Scholar Program is “Visiting Scholar”.  Questions related to appointments can be referred to your HR Advisor or Partner

The host Faculty Member is:

  • Designated by the Dean or head of the academic unit (e.g., Faculty, department, research institute)
  • Responsible for arranging the visit and coordinating travel and accommodations (for visits of all length)
  • Responsible for managing the funds associated with the award. The project will be set up under the host faculty member who arranges the visit. The academic unit will be responsible for proper reconciliation for the monies according to its departmental procedures
  • Provides a brief report to the Research Services Office on the accomplishment or impact of the visit (within three months).


Nominations will be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Vice-President (Research). The nomination form must be submitted with host faculty Deans approval and signature along with the full Curriculum Vitae of the Visiting Scholar to Research Services.  

Deans should only nominate scholars who have an established international reputation in their field, and whose visit to UCalgary will foster collaboration and exchanges between UCalgary and their home institution. Faculty members applying as the host on behalf of the Dean must hold an academic appointment at UCalgary. 

Nominees should have a full-time faculty position at a university with a international reputation for outstanding research or scholarship. The program is not open for self-nomination.

A nominated national or international scholar may have their visit supported only once during the tenure of this program.

The University of Calgary is committed to an equitable, diverse, and inclusive campus and recognizes that diverse faculty, staff, students, and alumni benefit and enrich the work, teaching, learning and research experiences of the entire campus and broader community. We are committed to removing barriers that have been, and continue to be, encountered by equity-deserving groups, including women, Indigenous peoples, visible/racialized persons, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ2S+ persons. Nominators must therefore ensure that equitable and inclusive practices are used in the identification, assessment, and recruitment of potential visiting scholars. Please refer to the UCalgary Plan for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Research and Teaching Awards for more information and for examples of promoting inclusive practices in these areas.

Descriptions of research contributions within the nomination should align with the principles of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, of which the University of Calgary is a signatory. A wide range of contributions to research, training and mentoring must be considered by nominators in the identification of potential nominees, with a focus on the quality and impact of these contributions. Refer to Tri-Council guidelines on the assessment of contributions to research, training and mentoring for more information.

Nomination Checklist

Nomination form (download)

  ✔ Details of the proposed visit including activities the scholar will undertake, the benefit to the host unit and UCalgary and a publicity plan (contact faculty office to connect with your communications team)

  ✔ Budget summary and justification

  ✔ Visiting Scholar's Curriculum Vitae

  ✔ Dean's approval and signature

Please see the Terms of Reference for complete details, including ineligible expenses.