Factors influencing the use of non-drug treatments for seniors with early dementia


A University of Calgary research team aims to find out what prevents and supports older adults' use of non-drug treatments for early dementia. Non-drug treatments are support programs offered after diagnosis. Some examples include adult day programs, counselling, occupational therapy, exercise, social, leisure, and support groups. These programs can improve memory, mood, daily activities, and social connection. They are especially important for the earlier stages of dementia to be most helpful. But many people with early dementia have trouble using the programs. Difficulty using supportive programs is a problem because people cannot benefit from them. Undermanaged dementia can result in poor health and quality of life for the seniors.

By interviewing older adults and their families, we aim to explore their dementia care experiences. Understanding the views of patients and families is important to making programs accessible. This research has potential to build supportive healthcare environments for older adults living with dementia.


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible gender: Male, Female, Transgender, Other

Eligible ages: 18 to 110

Accepts healthy participants: Yes

Inclusion criteria:

Eligibility requirements for older adults include:
(1) age of 65 years old or older
(2) who live with early or middle dementia
(3) who live in their own homes

Eligibility requirements for family caregivers include:
(1) age of 18 years old or older
(2) who provide major care/assistance to the older adult participant

Exclusion criteria:

Older adults who are not eligible for this study include:
(1) who live with severe dementia
(2) who live in care or retirement homes (e.g., assisted living, long-term care, care homes)

Caregivers who are not eligible for this study include:
(1) Younger than age 18


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Jasmine Hwang (co-investigator) & Tam Donnelly (principal investigator) Phone: (403) 919-2377 or (825) 437-1100 (*825 is a new Calgary area code) E-mail: jasmine.hwang@ucalgary.ca

Principal investigator:

Tam Truong Donnelly

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