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SSHRC's Storytellers Challenge

SSHRC’s Storytellers Challenge asks postsecondary students (undergraduate and graduate) to show Canadians how social sciences and humanities research is affecting our lives, our world and our future for the better.

Tell SSHRC about a great SSHRC-funded project happening at UCalgary. Your story must be compelling, creative and clear.

Create a three-minute video or audio clip, or 300-word text or infographic.

Feature your own research or a supervisor’s (make sure you get permission).

Workshop lineup:

Competition details

Get to know the SSHRC Storytellers Challenge.


Learn how to tell an award-winning story.


Discover resources available on campus to help you create your entry.


The top 20 finalists receive $3,000.

The top 20 finalists can attend a virtual communications workshop to help them prepare their story to present at the Storytellers Showcase (attendance is optional).

The top 20 finalists will present their story in front of a live audience at the Storytellers Showcase (at a location in Canada to be determined), for a chance to be a Final Five winner and win an additional $1,000.

One of the top 20 finalists will have the opportunity to receive an additional $1,000 through the engagement prize. The finalist must participate and attend the Storytellers Showcase in order to be eligible to win the engagement prize.

The deadline to submit your story is Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 6 p.m. MT

Judging and prizes for this competition are administered by SSHRC



Past UCalgary finalists in SSHRC Storytellers competition

Before submitting their entries, students participated in a workshop tailored to assisting students with research communication and storytelling.

Jennifer Williamson

UCalgary grad student makes the top 5 in 2023 SSHRC Storytellers competition

Jennifer Williamson’s entry was a poem on autism and mental health in higher education


4 UCalgary finalists in SSHRC Storytellers Challenge

Finalists will present their story live to a panel of judges, in three minutes or less.

Sydney Seidel

Psychology student one of 25 finalists in SSHRC's 2020 Storytellers Competition

Sydney Seidel takes innovative approach in researching effects of vaping among young adults.

Any questions about the Storytellers Challenge or webinar? Email the Knowledge Engagement team