Calgary TYM Cohort (Trajectories in Youth Mental Health)


This study is a longitudinal study requiring your answers to questions about your mental health once a year, for up to 4 years. It helps our understanding of mental health trajectories in help-seeking youth by determining possible genetic and environmental risk factors for those with mental illness. We will ask for a saliva sample along with personal history, risk factors, symptom/outcome measures, and electronic health record data from consenting children, adolescents, teenagers and families looking for or accessing mental health services.

If you are interested in participating, here is how to sign up and what you can expect:

1. Use the link to start your registration:

2. Screening Process - To determine whether you fit the participation criteria, we need to collect some contact information and some information about your mental health.

3. If you fit the participation criteria, you may choose to complete the study online on your own time or complete the study in person along with one of our research assistants.

4. You will be asked to donate a one-time saliva sample for genetic analysis (mail in for online participants).

5. Follow ups will occur once a year for up to 4 years.


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible gender: Male, Female, Transgender, Other

Eligible ages: 12 to 18

Inclusion criteria:

12-18 year old children, adolescents and teenagers, as well as their parents/guardians with mental health concerns and/or neurodevelopmental disorders.

Exclusion criteria:

Youth and parents/guardians who are NOT seeking help for mental health concerns and/or neurodevelopmental disorders.


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If you are interested, please go to the following:

Principal investigator:

Paul Arnold

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