Canadian Bone Strength Development Study


This study is trying to understand why children with type 1 diabetes are at increased risk of bone fracture. We will study bone health and physical activity in children with and without type 1 diabetes. This is a 4-year longitudinal study where participants will perform the same measures each year for 4 years. Each year the study visit will be about two hours long.


Currently recruiting participants: No

Eligible gender: Male, Female

Eligible ages: 10 to 12

Accepts healthy participants: Yes

Inclusion criteria:

- Female child age 10 or 11
- Male child age 11 or 12
- has type 1 diabetes or does not have type 1 diabetes

Exclusion criteria:

- if child is taking medication that affects muscle and bone health
- if child has a disease that affects muscle and bone health


Sorry, this study is not currently accepting new participants.
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Additional information

Contact information

Healthy controls please contact: Charley Hasselaar Children with Type 1 Diabetes: please contact your physician

Principal investigator:

Leigh Gabel

Clinical trial: