Canadian Platform for Research Online to Investigate Health, Quality of Life, Cognition, Behaviour, Function, and Caregiving in Aging


CAN-PROTECT is an online study for people 18 and older that will look at things that contribute to healthy aging, as well as risk factors that contribute to a decline in memory, thinking, and dementia. We will also look at the contributors to health and stress in those who care for the people with dementia.

Data will be collected online at

The data that is collected will help the researchers to better understand the aging brain with a focus on the caregivers. It will also tell the burden on caregivers, and the factors that help and worsen this burden.


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible ages: 18 to 99

Accepts healthy participants: Yes

Inclusion criteria:

• Canadians aged 18 - 99, especially those who care for persons with dementia
• Must have a study partner, i.e., somebody that knows them well (≥ 5 years), sees
them regularly, and is willing to complete a few questionnaires on participant health.
• Access to a computer (or touchscreen device) and the internet with a unique email ID
(Caregiver and Study partner must have separate email ID’s)
• Able to provide informed consent

Exclusion criteria:

• An established diagnosis of dementia


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Zahinoor Ismail

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