Carbohydrate supplementation and cycling performance within different intensity domains


We are conducting a research study examining how carbohydrate supplementation and menstrual cycle impact performance in different exercise intensities. In a total of 10 visits (males) or 19 visits (females), you will perform cycling while drinking carbohydrate beverages and receiving muscle stimulations (non-invasive and painless) to measure your fatigue. The visits will involve continuous and maximal exercises.


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible gender: Male, Female, Transgender, Other

Eligible ages: 18 to 45

Accepts healthy participants: Yes

Inclusion criteria:

- you are either male or female (females who participate can either take oral contraceptives or have no birth control).
- you are between 18 and 45 years old.
- you are trained or recreationally active and doing aerobic exercise 4 days/week.
- you are able to cycle for 3 hours.

Exclusion criteria:

- you are obese (BMI >30 kg/m^2)
- you are a smoker
- you are allergic to alcohol used to disinfect the skin
- you are allergy to Splenda, Crystal Light, maltodextrin, or fructose.
- you have skin lesions, scarring, redness, infection, or edema on the arms.
- you are pregnant or attempting to conceive.
- you have metabolic, cardiovascular, or pulmonary diseases.
- you have orthopedic issues that limit exercise capacity.
- you are following a low carbohydrate (<1800 kcal/d) or Keto dieting.
- you are taking medication or are under any therapy that might affect cardiovascular and/or neuromuscular responses to exercise.


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