Knowledge Mobilization Planning

Develop your strategy for making an impact with your research.

The Knowledge Engagement (KE) team in the Research Services Office builds and maintains meaningful research partnerships between the University of Calgary and community organizations to create knowledge with impact to benefit the community.

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What is Knowledge Mobilization?

Put simply, knowledge mobilization (KMb) is the process of moving evidence into action to maximize impact.

It can involve building awareness, disseminating findings, and enabling use of research knowledge to create positive impacts and benefits for all. 

Knowledge mobilization can happen at any point of the research process. Beyond academia, knowledge mobilization initiatives can inform public debate, policy and decision-making, and improve services and processes. Knowledge mobilization can also be co-created and co-facilitated by researchers and the community.

Other terms for these activities include knowledge exchange, knowledge translation, and implementation. 

Start Planning

A good knowledge mobilization plan builds from:

  • an understanding of who your audiences and partners are,
  • their preferred engagement levels in the research process,
  • which dissemination and engagement activities you intend to use,
  • timelines,
  • a budget,
  • and a way to evaluate your plan.

We are in the process of preparing knowledge mobilization resources and templates to assist you with your planning process - check back soon for more!

Need support with your Knowledge Mobilization strategy and plan? Knowledge Engagement can help.

Knowledge Mobilization Resources

KMb Activities Menu
The KE team has curated a UCalgary-focused knowledge mobilization (KMb) activities menu to give you ideas for dissemination, engagement, and networks to connect with KMb practitioners.

Conversation Canada
The university is a founding member of this digital media platform that shares knowledge to help inform decisions for general audiences. Write for The Conversation.

Ask a Scientist
In partnership with the Calgary Public Library,  Knowledge Engagement coordinates university researchers to provide 30-minute talks in their area of research to kids aged 8-12. Email us to get involved.

Manage, measure, and report on the impact of your partnered work with the Knowledge Engagement Impact Assessment Toolkit. The toolkit can be used at the planning, monitoring, and assessment stages of your project.

Research Impact Canada

Athabasca University

We can support researchers with Knowledge Mobilization Planning at any stage

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