Dementia markers in ADHD


This study seeks to explore possible relationships between symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity/disorder (ADHD) and certain types of dementia later in life.

To do this, participants will be asked to:
- Complete some questionnaires about medical issues, thinking skills, behaviours and habits
- Undergo a simple test of smell ability
- Provide a saliva sample which we will use to look for certain genetic markers related to dementia


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible gender: Transgender, Other, Male, Female

Eligible ages: 50 to 95

Accepts healthy participants: Yes

Inclusion criteria:

We are looking to recruit participants who:
- Are at least 50 years old
- Are fluent in English
- Have normal vision and hearing (or corrected to normal using glasses or hearing aids)
- Have a study partner who can comment on some of your behaviours and habits

Exclusion criteria:

You cannot participate if you have:
- Had a stroke
- Severe dementia


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Brandy Callahan

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