Diagnostic History Study.


Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often experience misdiagnosis, difficulty in obtaining a diagnosis, or may receive multiple diagnoses. Delays in diagnosis have been shown to result in children missing out on early intervention therapies which can later have implications in their cognitive development and social interactions. Further, delays in diagnosis have been shown to create dissatisfaction among families and caregivers of children with ASD, and may contribute further to the stress they experience. This study aims to explore the diagnostic process of children with ASD, investigating caregiver satisfaction with their child's diagnosis, the stability of diagnosis, and delays experienced in the process.


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible gender: Male, Female, Transgender, Other

Eligible ages: 1 to 100

Accepts healthy participants: Yes

Inclusion criteria:

1) Caregivers of children/youth 18 years of age or younger with a primary diagnosis of ASD
2) Individuals 18 years of age or older with a primary diagnosis of ASD
3) Participants are proficient in English


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Please contact the research team at diagnostichistory@gmail.com or Dr. Carly McMorris at camcmorr@ucalgary.ca or (403) 220-5457.

Principal investigator:

Carly McMorris

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