Robotic Walking for Children who Cannot Walk


We aim to improve the lives of children with significant disabilities by making robotic walking available to a group of children who cannot walk on their own. Robotic gait trainers can be an assistive device to increase physical activity levels for these children, which may reduce consequences of inactivity. We will be providing participants with a Trexo robotic gait trainer for 3 months, and will complete assessments before, during, and after the training period, as well as for a time once the training is complete.


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible gender: Male, Female, Transgender, Other

Eligible ages: 4 to 99

Inclusion criteria:

1) Ages 4 and above
2) Diagnosed non-progressive central nervous system disorder or injury
3) Able to fit into Trexo robotic gait trainer (height <5'7", weight <150 lbs.)

Exclusion criteria:

1) Taller than ~5'7"
2) Heavier than 150 lbs.


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Benjamin Norman PONI Lab Research Coordinator

Principal investigator:

Elizabeth Condliffe

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