Supporting Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Psychosocial Health and Resilience of First Responders in Alberta


The purpose of this study is to strengthen social supports in order to improve psychosocial and mental health of firefighters and foster their capacity to deal with trauma, stress, and burnout in their profession. A critical component to successfully enhancing social supports is understanding and addressing intersecting identity factors – that is, how firefighters racialized, gendered, and/or geographic location impact access, participation, and quality experiences in social supports. As such, this research will consider equity, diversity, and inclusion in social supports to improve psychosocial and mental health of firefighters. The result of the study will have practical implications in mitigating and better managing occupational stress not only for firefighters but also for other first responders.


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible gender: Male, Female, Transgender, Other

Eligible ages: 18 to 65

Accepts healthy participants: Yes

Inclusion criteria:

Volunteer and career firefighters and community leaders, such as RM trainers, firefighter training facilitators.

Exclusion criteria:

You are not eligible to participate if you are not a volunteer or career firefighter in Alberta.


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Dr. Julie L. Drolet Professor, Faculty of Social Work Project Director, Transforming the Field Education Landscape (TFEL) Partnership Faculty of Social Work, Central & Northern Alberta Region (CNAR) University of Calgary Enterprise Square 3-250, 10230 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB T5J 4P6 Canada Tel. (780) 492-1594 Fax. (780) 492-5774

Principal investigator:

Julie Drolet

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