Understanding the Religious Narratives on space along Western coast of India


This study will help understand the role of religious narratives in the way physical space along the west coast of India is perceived. The local population in the coastal villages have considered the landmass as sacred, and this tradition continues to the modern times. Semi-structured interviews for this project will enable the understanding of places and sites along the western coast of India as religious spots. The study further aims to understand the social makeup of the area based on the narrativized landscape.


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible gender: Male, Female, Transgender, Other

Eligible ages: 20 to 90

Accepts healthy participants: Yes

Inclusion criteria:

1. The participant must be associated with the coastal villages along Western India for at least 10 years
2. The participant must reside or has resided in one of the villages along the western coast of India (known as Konkan)
3. The participant should know the locale along the west coast of India and must have some association/interaction with Hindu, Muslim of Buddhist groups in the area

Exclusion criteria:

1. A person who has read about, but have never resided in villages along the West coast of India (esp. Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts)
2. A person with powerful posts/portfolio such as political, economic or social influence in the villages of Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts


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