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Accelerating new precision health technologies

Discover how UCalgary is advancing healthcare innovation

Optimizing treatments for each patient

At UCalgary, our researchers and students are creating solutions that will transform patient care. Highlights include:

  • Researchers in the Cumming School of Medicine (CSM) are leaders in precision medicine, and the faculty recently received the gift of a new $16-million commitment to expand the CSM's precision health research capacity.
  • Our level 3 containment lab allows researchers to investigate pathogens and immune cells in-vivo so they can design novel therapeutics.
  • In the Alberta Centre for Advanced Diagnostics, medical startups can rapidly prototype and validate new diagnostic technologies that can be integrated with the healthcare system for the benefit of our communities.
  • Our Precision Health program in the CSM teaches advanced clinical skills, data science, entrepreneurship, and other critical skills to impact patient, provider, and health system outcomes.
  • The Antimicrobial Resistance - One Health Consortium is researching precision biomarkers to optimize treatments.
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Dr. Ian Lewis shows MP George Chahal the Alberta Centre for Advanced Diagnostics labs during a tour.

Adrian Shellard

We are living through a revolution in health. Precision imaging and treatment, and precision public health, are coming faster than you may think. We are moving toward the personalization of medicine, focusing on the patient as an individual, rather than one-size-fits-all medicine.

Dr. Jon Meddings, MD

level 3 lab with close up image on screen

Researchers to study SARS-CoV-2 and tuberculosis in vivo

Canada Foundation for Innovation awards UCalgary almost $10M for lab upgrade to study pathogens in containment level 3 lab

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Precision medicine research

Derek Chew

Precision health in clinical decision-making

UCalgary researcher Derek Chew helps develop new approach to treating patients with atrial fibrillation

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Xiao-Ru Yang

Diagnosing previously undiagnosable diseases

Cumming School of Medicine alumni gift launches new fellowship to grow Canadian neurogenetics expertise to diagnose through genetic ‘detective’ work

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Mark Ungrin

Exploring 'paradigm shift' for treating orphan diseases

UCalgary interdisciplinary team receives $250,000 grant from New Frontiers in Research Fund to research new, generalizable ways to repair or replace the function of damaged or mutated genes

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Susan Samuel

CRC in Precision Medicine and Data Science in Child Health

Canada Research Chair Susan Samuel committed to improving care for children and youth with chronic disease

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Precision Health Program

The CSM Precision Health Program was designed to meet the professional development needs of current and future healthcare practitioners across Canada and internationally. 

Students can choose from four specializations that are designed to enhance their potential as health-care leaders in the areas of precision medicine, quality and safety, health professional education, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

The program’s connections to community, health care and industry partners will strengthen the participants’ networks while offering new opportunities for professional development. 

Cal Wenzel announcement

Inspiring philanthropic contribution to precision health

University introduces the newly named Cal Wenzel Precision Health Building on Foothills campus

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