Cannabis Research

Office of the Vice-President (Research)

- - - NOTE: This information is archived - - - 

In 2021 the University of Calgary determined that an institutional cannabis research license would not add efficiencies or value for our researchers. PIs are encouraged to pursue a project license where required. 


The Office of the Vice-President (Research) is leading the effort to obtain an institutional cannabis research licence. As part of the application process, we must include a comprehensive summary of the proposed research programs that will be covered under our cannabis research licence.

We encourage all faculty members who are or will be conducting research in this area to complete the registration form to ensure that you can be covered under our institutional licence.


Please submit your registration form by December 31, 2019 if you wish to be covered by the institutional licence. 

About the registration form:

  • Even if you have applied for or have already secured a project licence, please complete the registration form so that we have a complete understanding of use/planned use across our campuses.
  • This registration form will help us to understand the locations where cannabis material will be used and stored, and the type and quantity of materials that will be used.
  • Note that no PI names or identifying information will be included in the application for the institutional licence.


Next steps:

  • Once we have collected the required information, we will develop the key pieces of the application, including a broad protocol, institutional framework, and security plan.
  • The Risk Portfolio will support development of the security plan and other requirements, so their staff may be in touch with you in the new year regarding locations and security measures you plan to use.
  • When we are granted the institutional licence, permits will be issued to PIs by the university.
  • Note that development of requirements and procedures will be ongoing. The VPR office will communicate new requirements as they become available.



  • Health Canada has advised that the timeframe for our receipt of our licence is approximately 180 days after application.
  • If your research requires a licence before Fall 2020, please obtain an individual project licence.


Please direct questions to the Office of the Vice President (Research) at