Research agreements

The Legal & IP team in Research Services oversees the creation and review of research agreements for all faculties except the Cumming School of Medicine.

The Legal & IP team ensures all agreements accurately reflects the terms of the relationship and they meet the requirements of the researchers, students, University and sponsors involved in the research project. Our review also ensures each specific research project complies with University policies. 

All research agreements are created in the name of the Governors of the University of Calgary are signed by the Vice-President (Research) or delegate under the Signing Authority Policy. Research agreements which do not comply with this requirement may not be binding on the University of Calgary. 

Once the agreement is finalized, approval forms are sent to the principal investigator for completion. Signatures by their department head and dean provide final written approval prior to signature by an authorized signing officer. Following execution of the agreement, Legal & IP will transfer the agreement to Research Accounting for creation of a new account and any required invoicing. 

In order to ensure that agreements are completed as quickly as possible, please submit any agreement request via the Online Service Request form. Please ensure you provide all the requested information and attach any work plans, budgets and certifications that are required for the project.  In addition, please ensure you have appropriately accounted for Overhead in accordance with the policies in the budget.


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