Biohazards are pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses & fungi), potentially infectious materials (blood, cell lines and prions) as well as microbial toxins (pertussis, botulinum toxin).

A Biosafety Permit is required for use and storage of biohazards and is conditional on registration with and approval from the University of Calgary Biosafety Committee.

More information on how to register to receive a permit is located in Section 3: Biohazard Materials Registration of the Biosafety and Procedures Manual. The registration process provides a step-by-step guide.

Staged approval from the Biosafety Committee is contingent on a successful biosafety inspection before the date specified in the approval letter. There are no mandatory training courses required to obtain staged approval but the Principal Investigator must complete the application process outlined in Section 3: Biohazard Materials Registration. In all other respects, staged approval is identical to full approval.



The Biosafety Program is located within Environmental Health and Safety.

Questions relating to biohazards can be directed to Dr. Eoin O'Grady, University Biosafety Officer, at or (403) 220-7509.