The Biosafety Program applies to all persons directing or involved in the handling or storage of biohazards for research and teaching purposes. Biohazards include, but are not limited to: infectious material (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi, cell lines, blood, prions, animal pathogens, aquatic animal pathogens, vector-borne pathogens and plant pests, and microbial toxins (e.g. botulinum toxin, cholera toxin and diphtheria toxin)).

The University of Calgary’s Biosafety Program is designed to promote and monitor compliance with acts, regulations, directives, standards, and guidelines published by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), provincial regulators, and other parties with oversight over biosafety and biosecurity.

Please visit the Environment, Health and Safety website for complete details.


The Biosafety Program is located within Environmental Health and Safety.

Questions relating to biohazards can be directed to Dr. Eoin O'Grady, University Biosafety Officer, at or (403) 220-7509.