Research Partnership Matchmaking & Support

Knowledge Engagement can connect you with the right partner for your research goals.


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Facilitating Partnered Research

Knowledge Engagement supports the matching of University of Calgary researchers with community partners to facilitate partnered research.

Community partnered research includes projects or programs co-led by researchers and community organizations and involves shared decision-making, equitable power, results that are relevant to the community, capacity building, and sustainable work after funding ends.

Knowledge Engagement works with service agencies, clubs, faith groups, not-for-profits, grassroots organizations, and more!

If you are looking for a different kind of partner, view the partnership supports listed below.

What Makes a Good Partnership?

Partnerships are Mutually beneficial, Share in the co-creation and exchange of knowledge and resources , Reciprocal , Developed collaboratively and in a shared and ethical space

Carnegie Community Engagement Classification – Canadian Pilot

Additional Resources

We have compiled additional resources from Knowledge Engagement and our partners to support partnership matching, potential funding sources, and connection and learning opportunities across Canada.

Partnership Supports

The university has several other service units to help connect you with different types of partners to meet your research needs:

  • International Research and Innovation Partnerships
    The team supports international research, innovation, and commercialization activities by connecting researchers, global granting agencies, industry and academic organizations, and the International and Research Services Offices to develop strategic international research collaborations and partnerships to expand opportunities for knowledge transfer for global impact. Contact the International Research and Innovation Facilitator to get started.
  • Research and Innovation Partnerships for Companies
    Are you a for-profit organization interested in exploring research opportunities with the university? The Industry Engagement team responds to requests from companies for research expertise and access to state-of-the-art research facilities. Contact for more information.
  • Social Innovation Initiative (SII)
    The team serves faculty researchers and community agencies to mobilize academic experience, transdisciplinary expertise, and knowledge into solutions for complex social problems. The SII is a conduit to the university's broad innovation ecosystem and provides funding to support the indirect costs of social innovation-based research. Contact SII and learn more about how to move your social innovation work forward.
  • Research Partnerships with The City of Calgary
    Urban Alliance is a strategic partnership between The City of Calgary and the university to promote the seamless transfer of cutting-edge research to benefit of all our communities. Urban Alliance provides a framework for researchers and City employees to work together to tackle challenges such as transportation, waste reduction, energy and environment, youth crime, homelessness, poverty reduction and creating inclusive communities. Contact Urban Alliance for more information.
  • Indigenous Research Support Team
    The team within Research Services supports and strengthens Indigenous-related research capacity at the university, by identifying existing resources for Indigenous communities and stakeholders, university researchers, and further partners to promote collaborative, reciprocal, and culturally responsive research. The team is the point of contact for all university researchers doing any work within the broader Indigenous landscape, including with Indigenous communities and on Indigenous lands.
  • Office of Experiential Learning
    The office connects industry and community partners with current university students to create work-intergrated learning opportunites.

Partnered research projects may be eligible for a variety of different funding opportunities. Please check the university's research funding deadline calendar often for all current opportunities.

These Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council funding competitions are often a good fit to support community-partnered research projects:

Book a Knowledge Engagement consult for help finding partners for these opportunities. 

The university has institutional memberships that give current students, postdocs, faculty, and staff access to the following resources: