Postdoc Representative Committee

Postdoctoral Representative Committee

Updated Mar 9 2022

In 2016, the Postdoctoral Office established a Postdoctoral Representatives Committee to create opportunities for open dialogue between the postdoc community and the Office of the Vice-President (Research) to share questions, concerns, and ideas.

During its term, the PD Reps committee provided valuable insight and assistance to improve the postdoctoral experience at UCalgary, and we are grateful to all who have served on the committee.

The new collective agreement between PDAC and the university creates formal channels for discussion of matters affecting the postdoc community. These channels duplicate some of the functions of the PD Reps committee.

As a result, the Office of the Vice-President (Research) has decommissioned the PD Reps committee. Decommissioning the committee will prevent duplication of efforts and the confusion that can arise from concurrent committees operating with similar mandates.

This change will not prevent postdocs from bringing items to university administration for discussion. Matters can be brought to PDAC via email at

For postdocs who wish to serve the university community on future committees, service opportunities will be shared, usually via the Postdoctoral Office monthly newsletter. If you have suggestions for ways that the Postdoctoral Office can engage with the postdoc community, please contact the Postdoc Office.