Postdoc Representative Committee

Postdoctoral Representative Committee

Postdoctoral scholars at the University of Calgary are valued members of the University of Calgary academic community, representing scholarly excellence and a diversity of experience. This group of individuals contribute to leadership, novel scientific inquiry, community partnerships, collaboration, knowledge translation, and unique new approaches to teaching and mentorship that strengthen the academic research community. 

Chaired by Dr. Penny Pexman, Postdoc Program Director, the Postdoctoral Representatives Committee is in place to support the growth and excellence of postdoctoral scholar experiences at the University of Calgary. Under Dr. Pexman’s leadership, the committee supports and fosters postdoctoral leaders in research, scholarship, teaching, and knowledge translation to achieve the goals and objectives set out within the Eyes High Strategic Direction, inclusive of excellence in research and scholarship, education, and community partnerships.

The Postdoc Representative Committee meets once during each semester. If you have ideas, suggestions or feedback on your Postdoctoral experience, please contact your Postdoc Representative