Strategic Networking and Development (SND) Grants 2023-2024


Opportunity type:



Alberta Innovates

Award amount and duration:

up to $25,000 per project; 1 year




Faculty, Postdoc


Post-secondary institutions are eligible to apply.


To be considered for funding, projects must have a focus on emerging technologies development or utilization. Please refer to the program website for a list of emerging technologies.

Projects should create or strengthen collaborations and connections within the innovation ecosystem, and/or provide experiential and intrapreneurial/entrepreneurial learning opportunities with a technology focus/in a tech setting. Examples of eligible activities include but are not limited to:

  • focused networking events convening two or more groups including academia, industry, government and/or community stakeholders within an emerging technology topic area;
  • a workshop organized by university researcher(s) around a specific area of emerging technology for further development/adoption involving other institutions, industry end-users and/or students;
  • team-based science-focused experiential learning opportunities (typically Post-Secondary or High School participants);
  • hackathons and coding contests;
  • symposia showcasing student capabilities and skillsets to prospective employers;
  • intrapreneurial/entrepreneurial training for students/youth.


The Strategic Networking and Development (SND) Program provides funding to support high impact networking, workshops, gatherings, competitions, educational and experiential programming, and events in emerging technologies. The program aims to support activities that connect Alberta's tech talent and expertise; explore Alberta-based collaborations between and within members of academia, industry, community, and government; provide experiential learning opportunities for students (K-12 and post-secondary) in STEM, especially within emerging technologies; and/or helping students/innovators to develop entrepreneurial thinking and skillsets in a tech setting.

Submission Process

The application process consists of two stages: an Intake Form and the Full Application. The Full Application stage is by invitation only.

This is a continuous intake competition. Intake Forms must be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance of the project or activity start date. Full applications, plus approval in the Research Management System (RMS), must be submitted to the RSO at least 3 business days ahead of submission to the funding agency. 

1. Intake Form

If directed by the SND program coordinator, log into the Alberta Innovates SmartSimple portal to complete the Post-Secondary Investments and Emerging Technologies (PSIET) Intake Form.

RSO review and RMS approval are not required at this stage

2. Full Application (by invitation)

If invited, the full application, plus approval in the Research Management System (RMS) via a Pre-Award/Application record, must be submitted to the RSO at least 3 business days ahead of the date you intend to submit the application to Alberta Innovates. 

  • Required uploads in RMS:
    • PDF version of application form (including the attachments) 

Please be sure to select 'Submitted for approval' (under Save & Progress) in RMS in good time to allow for approvals from your Department Head and/or ADR prior to the RSO internal deadline. Consult your department and faculty for more information on their approval processes and timelines. 

A Research Funding Application Approvals (RFAA) form is not required as approvals are collected electronically in RMS.

Do not submit to the agency until RSO's approval has been granted in RMS.

Once the institutional signature has been obtained, the Principal Investigator will receive an automated message from RMS to their @ucalgary email address. You can then proceed with submitting your application via the Alberta Innovates SmartSimple portal.





Application deadlines

Program application deadline

March 31, 2024 - 11:59 PM


NOTE: Consult your Faculty Associate Dean (Research) (ADR) regarding Faculty-specific deadlines and submission processes.

Principal Investigators: Complete a Research Management System (RMS) record, including a copy of your complete application, and submit this for approvals in RMS.

Postdocs, students, and trainees: For fellowships and externally-sponsored research training awards or opportunities, you must complete the Research Funding Application Approval (RFAA) Trainee PDF form, and submit it, along with a complete copy of the application, to Research Services at Trainees should not use RMS at this time.

Approvals: The University of Calgary requires that all funding applications be approved prior to submission. Approval requires signatures via either RMS or the RFAA Trainee form, in the following order:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Department Head
  • Faculty ADR/Dean
  • Research Services (on behalf of the Vice-President Research)

Read the Meaning of Grant Signatures policy to understand what your approval means. Please see the agency guidelines for details about which signatures are required on your application, as it may differ from internal requirements.

Late submissions: Late submissions will only be accepted in cases of medical or family emergencies, or other exceptional circumstances. If you submit your RMS record to Research Services after the internal deadline has passed, you must secure additional approvals. Please read: Late Applications Process.

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