Hydrogen Centre of Excellence (HCOE) - Services Capacity


Opportunity type:



Alberta Innovates

Award amount and duration:

$500,000; 2 years





Funding is open to all categories of lead applicant, including post-secondary institutions, who are advancing technology development within a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) range of 3-7.

Collaboration with other project partners is highly encouraged and projects that demonstrate end user engagement and formal partnerships will receive additional consideration for funding.

Proposed projects should be able to either show direct measurable benefits or to reasonably quantify enabled/indirect benefits in at least one of the following areas:

  • Codes and standards development support
  • Identification of optimal pathways to hydrogen deployment
  • Cost reduction along the hydrogen value chain
  • Increasing competitiveness for hydrogen locally and for export markets
  • Development of highly qualified professionals in the hydrogen value chain
  • Economic and energy diversification in Alberta and for export
  • Capacity building for underserved and underrepresented communities
  • Partnership building to build the strength and resilience of the hydrogen ecosystem


The Hydrogen Centre of Excellence (HCOE) - Services Capacity Program aims to address the development of opportunity analyses, studies, and supporting codes and standards development. This funding supports the objectives of the Alberta Natural Gas Strategy, the Alberta Hydrogen Roadmap, and HCOE targets. A funding envelope of $3.8M is available up to 2026 to support projects. Proposed projects should have a clear and direct pathway to creating tangible impacts in Alberta. While the full market potential may not be reached as an outcome of the project, studies and analyses with high near-term market potential are of great interest. Preference will be given to proposals that are critical to advancing the short-term development and deployment of hydrogen into the energy system.

Funding Considerations

Low dollar proposals have a requested funding amount of $200,000 or less and have a smaller proposal writing requirement. High dollar proposals have a requested funding amount of over $200,000 and require additional information to complete the proposal submission.

The maximum funding request is $500,000. The program normally supports up to 50% of the total project costs, with remaining funding from the applicant and/or other project partners (including cash and in-kind support). For projects involving post-secondary institution researchers, leverage from federal funding organizations (NSERC, etc.) is highly desirable. There is no stacking limit with other sources of public funding, though reviewers will consider the applicant contribution accordingly. All projects must be completed before March 31, 2026.

Projects with authentic Indigenous partnership(s) are eligible for up to 75% of total project costs and will be considered for post-secondary institute-led projects.

Submission Process

Note: This is a continuous intake competition that uses the Alberta Innovates Clean Resources Continuous Intake Program process.

Full applications, plus approval in the Research Management System (RMS), must be submitted to the RSO at least 3 business days ahead of the date you intend to submit the application package to Alberta Innovates.

The application process consists of two stages: an Intake Form and the Full Application (by invitation).

1. Intake Form

You must first contact David Van Den Assem (David.vandenassem@albertainnovates.ca), Director, Clean Technology, to discuss proposal eligibility.

If directed to do so, log into the Alberta Innovates SmartSimple portal to complete the Clean Resources Continuous Intake Form.

RSO review and RMS approval are not required at this stage.

2. Full Application (by invitation)

If invited, the full application, plus approval in the Research Management System (RMS) via a Pre-Award/Application record, must be submitted to the RSO at least 3 business days ahead of the date you intend to submit the application to Alberta Innovates.

  • Required uploads in RMS:
    • PDF version of application form (including the attachments)
    • Alberta Innovates Workplan and Budget Workbook (Excel file) 

Please be sure to select 'Submitted for approval' (under Save & Progress) in RMS in good time to allow for approvals from your Department Head and/or ADR prior to the RSO internal deadline. Consult your department and faculty for more information on their approval processes and timelines. 

A Research Funding Application Approvals (RFAA) form is not required as approvals are collected electronically in RMS.

Do not submit to the agency until RSO's approval has been granted in RMS.

Once the institutional signature has been obtained, the Principle Investigator will receive an automated message from RMS to their @ucalgary email address. You can then proceed with submitting your application via the Alberta Innovates SmartSimple portal.





Application deadlines

Program application deadline

March 31, 2026 - 4:00 PM


NOTE: Consult your Faculty Associate Dean (Research) (ADR) regarding Faculty-specific deadlines and submission processes.

Principal Investigators: Complete a Research Management System (RMS) record, including a copy of your complete application, and submit this for approvals in RMS.

Postdocs, students, and trainees: For fellowships and externally-sponsored research training awards or opportunities, you must complete the Research Funding Application Approval (RFAA) Trainee PDF form, and submit it, along with a complete copy of the application, to Research Services at rsotrainee@ucalgary.ca. Trainees should not use RMS at this time.

Approvals: The University of Calgary requires that all funding applications be approved prior to submission. Approval requires signatures via either RMS or the RFAA Trainee form, in the following order:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Department Head
  • Faculty ADR/Dean
  • Research Services (on behalf of the Vice-President Research)

Read the Meaning of Grant Signatures policy to understand what your approval means. Please see the agency guidelines for details about which signatures are required on your application, as it may differ from internal requirements.

Late submissions: Late submissions will only be accepted in cases of medical or family emergencies, or other exceptional circumstances. If you submit your RMS record to Research Services after the internal deadline has passed, you must secure additional approvals. Please read: Late Applications Process.

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