The Home Study


Teens are being asked to participate in this study because we would like to understand if the foods that families buy and eat have different amounts of sugars and fat in them compared to other families with teens who have either celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, or both. Celiac disease is a common gastrointestinal illness which results in an intolerance to gluten. Gluten is found in many processed foods and in grains like wheat. The only treatment for celiac disease is to eat foods that do not contain gluten. Gluten free foods can be high in added sugars and fat. High sugar intakes can affect blood glucose levels in those with type 1 diabetes. This information is important so we can understand what types of foods are healthy for adolescents who have celiac disease, type 1 diabetes or both.


Currently recruiting participants: Yes

Eligible gender: Male, Female, Transgender, Other

Eligible ages: 13 to 18

Accepts healthy participants: Yes

Inclusion criteria:

1. Teenagers who are 1) 13-18 years, 2) diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, or both. Teenagers without these diagnoses are also welcome to participate in our control group.

Exclusion criteria:

1. Teenagers with multiple allergies or many dietary restrictions.
2. Teenagers who are newly diagnosed (<3-6months) with either Type 1 Diabetes or Celiac Disease


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Recruitment is through the hospital or physician referral only.

Principal investigator:

Dominica Gidrewicz

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