Alberta Innovates High School Youth Researcher Summer Program

Experience Research Outside the Classroom

The Alberta Innovates High School Youth Researcher Summer (HYRS) Program in Health is designed for motivated Grade 11 students in Alberta high schools to gain first-hand experience with biomedical and health research, and to introduce them to career opportunities in research.

HYRS is not just a laboratory work experience – it is a well-rounded program focused on Grade 11 students. Students will work in a university lab doing cutting-edge research, and participants will meet at least once a week for a variety of activities to broaden and enhance their research experience.

Activities include safety and introductory training sessions, tours of campus and other research facilities, lectures on health research, and discussions with guest speakers about their careers in research. The award is meant to encourage students to consider pursuing formal training and a career in health research and innovation. The award consists of a stipend only.

The application deadline for students is Friday, March 18, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. MT. The submission deadline for Teacher & Non-Academic references is Friday, March 25, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. MT.

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Calgary and on campus. At this time, HYRS 2022 at the University of Calgary is aiming to revert to in-person delivery.


At the University of Calgary, the Alberta Innovates High School Youth Researcher Summer program is administered by the Research Services Office.

For questions, please contact

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Project priority areas

Digital Health

The convergence of digital and emerging technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society. It has the potential to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery through personalizing medicine, enabling better access to care and empowering citizens to manage their own health.

Data Enabled Health Transformation

The creation, amalgamation, analysis, and application of large quantities of complex information to improve health /or healthcare decision-making. Examples include: data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence platforms.

Health Innovation and Technology Acceleration

Research that considers marketplace need, industry pull, technology partnerships, scale-up requirements, and the types of evidence needed to mobilize support for further development of innovations like the Internet of Medical Things, xR, wearables, personalized health, and health economics.

Application checklist

Read everything

Read all sections of this page, and download and read the application guidelines.

Download guidelines

Identify references

Arrange for two teachers (two science teachers, or one science and one math teacher) and one community member to provide references.

Complete application

Review and complete all sections of the online application form.

We STRONGLY recommend students submit their portion of the application 1-2 weeks in advance of the deadline to ensure their references have sufficient time to complete their portion of the application by the posted deadline.



Value and Term

Students will receive a stipend of $3,000 for 6 weeks.


To be eligible, students must:

  • Currently be registered as a grade 11 student at a central Alberta high school. This includes all high schools south of Red Deer to north of, but not including, Claresholm. Students in or south of Claresholm should apply to the University of Lethbridge. Students north of Red Deer should apply to the University of Alberta.
  • Have a clear interest in pursuing a health research career.
  • Have a minimum of 85% standing in each of Math-20-1 or 20-2, Biology 20, and one other grade 11 science. Transcripts or interim reports are required.
  • Comply with current COVID-19 public health measures.

A maximum of 2 students per high school will be selected for the Alberta Innovates Heritage Youth Researcher Summer program.

The online application deadline for students is Friday, March 18, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. MT.

The submission deadline for Teacher & Non-Academic references is Friday, March 25, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. MT.

Results of the 2022 Alberta Innovates HYRS competition will be released approximately 8 weeks after the submission deadline.

The Alberta Innovates HYRS program will run from July 4th to August 15th, 2022. 

You cannot save the application form, so you are encouraged to review the entire application before you begin. It is recommended that you type your written responses in a word processor offline, then copy the text into the form. The application requires that you:

  • Write an essay demonstrating your interest in biomedical and health research
  • Upload a scanned copy of your most recent report card, stamped by the high school office
    • NOTE: Please ensure your uploaded transcript includes all of the necessary grades to confirm you meet the minimum eligibility criteria for HYRS. In the event your upload does not include all necessary grades (ie. Bio 20, Math 20-1 or 20-1 and Chemistry 20 or Physics 20) your application will be marked incomplete and will not be forwarded for adjudication.
  • Obtain references from two science teachers (or one science and one math teacher) and one non-academic reference (an adult who is not a relative and is from outside your school).

Important information regarding references: 

The application form requires that you provide the names and email addresses of individuals who will provide references to support your application. When you submit your application, those individuals will be sent an email with the details of your application and a link to the appropriate reference form. However, we cannot guarantee that the email will be received – therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the reference forms are submitted before the deadline.

Before you submit your application, please ensure that the individuals you list as references have agreed to provide a reference. Please also ensure that your selected references identify you by the preferred name provided in your application; this helps to ensure the reference is appropriately matched to your application. References that cannot be matched to an application will not be considered, and incomplete applications will not be eligible for adjudication.  


    We STRONGLY recommend students submit their portion of the application a minimum of 1 week in advance of the student deadline to ensure their teacher and non-academic references have sufficient time to complete their portion of the application. Applications that are deemed incomplete will not be considered for award.

    Please review your application carefully and ensure that you have met all requirements before submitting. Each candidate may submit only one application. 

  2. FAQ

    Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Guide. If you don't see your question answered in the guide please email

The selection committee is composed of two high school teachers and two University of Calgary scientists. Each application is reviewed independently by the committee members. Based on these reviews, all of the Alberta Innovates HYRS proposals are adjudicated and ranked in a committee selection meeting.

Applicant’s high school grades are not used for scoring purposes during the committee review. High school grades are only used to determine applicant's eligibility .

Selection committee decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Results of the 2022 Alberta Innovates HYRS competition will be released approximately 8 weeks after the submission deadlineAll candidates will be informed by email regarding the outcome of their submission using the email address provided in their application. Successful applicants will be required to formally indicate their acceptance of the award.

Every effort will be made to match successful applicants with a mentor working within one of the areas of interest identified within the student application. However, please be aware that an exact match is not always possible due to mentor availability, lab safety protocols, and other considerations. Students are placed in a lab setting depending on the nature of the research their mentor is involved in; this could mean they will be involved in a wet lab (typically bench top experiment based labs) or a dry lab (typically computer based analysis). All placements will be made at the discretion of the university and are final.

Value and tenure of award

Studentships will be for 6 weeks, from July 4th to August 15th, 2022. 

Students must make a full-time commitment to their research during the period of the Alberta Innovates HYRS award.

The awards are in the amount of $3,000 in the form of a stipend. Additional costs, including health benefits, travel, and accommodation, are the responsibility of the student.

Successful applicants residing outside of Calgary who require accommodation should contact


Applications and offers of award

HYRS applications must be written by the student.

The University reserves the right to confirm, through independent means, representations of authorship or credentials.

In the event of material deviations in the submitted information, the University reserves the right to disqualify any applicant from the competition.

Students offered an Alberta Innovates HYRS award will be required to accept or decline the offer by a date specified in the notification of the offer, with written approval of a parent or legal guardian. Students who decline the award may claim credit for the award on their curriculum vitae, noting that the award was declined.

Only two students per high school will be offered an Alberta Innovates HYRS award.



All publications, including public messages, arising from research supported by Alberta Innovates grants or awards must acknowledge the support.

Alberta Innovates reserves the right to publish and/or disseminate information regarding its grants and awards.

Alberta Innovates HYRS students are to conduct their research in a safe and ethical manner under the guidance of their mentors. During the period of the award they are to maintain regular working hours. In no case should HYRS students work more than 35 hours per week. Timesheets will be collected from all students to ensure adherence to this guideline.

HYRS students are expected to follow the procedures and rules of the research environment in which they conduct their research, including all policies governing research at the University of Calgary.

Students are required to attend all HYRS-related events, such as guest lectures, facility tours, and the Open House.

Students will be required to submit a final report to the University of Calgary Research Services Office upon completion of the award.

Students will also be required to give a presentation about their HYRS experiences to their high school science class.

Additional information will be provided to successful applicants.

hyrs student

HYRS during the pandemic

2020 marked the 21st year of the Alberta Innovates High School Youth Researcher Summer (HYRS) program at the University of Calgary, the cohort of 25 Grade 11 students were the first to embark on their research journey in a remote format. The 2021 cohort of 28 students was the second group to conduct research remotely.

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Past Awardees

First NameLast NameHigh SchoolMentorYear
Anastasia KaragiannisBishop Carroll High SchoolDr. Naweed Syed2021
Ankita ChaturvediSir Winston Churchill High School Dr. Julio Garcia Flores2021
Aria AppooRundle College Senior High SchoolDr. Ranjani Somoyaji2021
Chimnyelu (Nanya)AnyadubaLindsay Thurber Comprehensive High SchoolDr. Juliet Guichon 2021
ColinLoeHoly Trinity Academy Dr. Jun Yan2021
DavidGirgisSt. Francis High SchoolDr. Guang Yang2021
DianaDavisWebber AcademyDr. Yunyan Zang 2021
ElenaBakkerLindsay Thurber Comprehensive High SchoolDr. Sabine Gilch2021
EmilyYiHenry Wise Wood High SchoolDr. Samuel Pichardo2021
EricaYakubuRobert Thirsk High School Dr. Walter Herzog2021
FirdausSadidErnest Manning High SchoolDr. Ranita Manocha2021
Ifeolu OwojoriSt. Martin de Porres High SchoolDr. Saied Jalal Aboodarda2021
Isabella LagmanBishop O'Byrne High SchoolDr. Karen Benzies2021
JasonXieSir Winston Churchill High SchoolDr. Sarah Manske2021
Jorrell TempletonGeorge McDougall High SchoolDr. Walter Herzog2021
Kaisha SnyderW.H. Croxford High SchoolDr. Svetlana Yanushkevich2021
Liam RossWest Island CollegeDr. Paul Arnold2021
Liam SjodinBrooks Composite High SchoolDr. Laura Curiel2021
Livia IonWestern Canada High SchoolDr. Susan Kutz2021
Mari WilsonQueen Elizabeth High SchoolDr. Carolyn Emery2021
Muhammad (Haseeb) TahirJames Fowler High SchoolDr. Carolyn Emery2021
Natalie ToltesiBishop Carroll High SchoolDr. Svetlana Yanushkevich2021
Orchee HaqueWestmount Charter Mid-High SchoolDr. Susan Graham2021
Peicheng (William) ZhouWestmount Charter Mid-High SchoolDr. Kamran Yusuf2021
Raneet KahlonJohn G. Diefenbaker High SchoolDr. Svetlana Yanushkevich2021
Sophia DeLucaStrathcona-Tweedsmuir SchoolDr. Patricia Tang2021
XincongLiWestern Canada High SchoolDr. Quan Long2021
Yiwen (Eva) WangRobert Thirsk High SchoolDr. Faizal Abdul Careem2021
AdamGulamhuseinRobert Thirsk High SchoolDr. Zelma Kiss2020
AliciaLambRundle College Jr/Sr High SchoolDr. Kamran Yusuf2020
AndrewXieSt. Francis High SchoolDr. Samuel Pichardo2020
AsiyaAroraSir Winston Churchill High SchoolDr. Ranjani Somayaji2020
BadraAbbasSir Winston Churchill High SchoolDr. Susan Graham2020
BrianVoFather Lacombe High SchoolDr. Juliet Guichon2020
CassandraSealWebber AcademyDr. Steve Boyd2020
DhruvaPatelBert Church High SchoolDr. Tanya Beran2020
HenyPanghulanNotre Dame High SchoolDr. Gabrielle Wilcox2020
IsabellaFreyRobert Thirsk High SchoolDr. Paul Arnold2020
JerryZhouBishop Carroll High SchoolDr. Laura Curiel2020
JessieShangWestern Canada High SchoolDr. Ranita Manocha2020
KuljeetChohanWestmount Charter SchoolDr. Jun Yan2020
MichaelBeaumontSt. Francis High SchoolDr. Julio Garcia Flores2020
OyindaObigbesanCalgary Christian High SchoolDr. Karen Benzies2020
ParthivManeeshWestmount Charter SchoolDr. Doreen Ezeife2020
RachaelPengWilliam Aberhart High SchoolDr. Naweed Syed2020
SalmaZeinJoan Cardinal-Schubert High SchoolDr. V Wee Yong2020
SarahSassWilliam Aberhart High SchoolDr. Carolyn Emery2020
SeleemBadawyWestern Canada High SchoolDr. Carol Huang2020
SumairShergillRenert SchoolDr. Marinka Twilt2020
TateMcGovernWest Island CollegeDr. Susan Kutz2020
TonyJiangHenry Wise Wood High SchoolDr. Guang Yang2020
YJDawoodRenert SchoolDr. Jiami Guo2020
ZainTariqFoundations for the Future Charter Academy High SchoolDr. Walter Herzog2020
AbhayParmarFoundations for the Future Charter AcademyDr. Julio Garcia2019
AishaIqbalSir Winston Churchill High SchoolDr. Hude Quan2019
AndrewLoeHoly Trinity AcademyDr. Marc Poulin2019
AnwarSubhaniSir Winston Churchill High SchoolDr. James McGhee2019
AsmiMultaniLindsay Thurber Comprehensive High SchoolDr. Walter Herzog2019
CeciliaLiuStrathcona-Tweedsmuir SchoolDr. Chad Bousman2019
ChelseaWongWest Island CollegeDr. Doreen Ezeife2019
ClaireMcPhersonBishop Carroll High SchoolDr. Patrick Whelan2019
ConnorLangSt. Francis High SchoolDr. Susan Graham2019
ElahaNiaziQueen Elizabeth High SchoolDr. Christian Jacob2019
ElenaPanWestmount Charter SchoolDr. Jun Yan2019
EmilyEvansWilliam Aberhart High SchoolDr. Laura Curiel2019
HitenMahalwarJohn G. Diefenbaker High SchoolDr. Samuel Pichardo2019
IshaanCheemaRobert Thirsk High SchoolDr. Karen Benzies2019
JacquelineSealWebber AcademyDr. Samuel Pichardo2019
JTLuterbachBert Church High SchoolDr. Steve Boyd2019
KailaVillareyÉcole Secondaire Notre Dame High SchoolDr. Fiona Schulte2019
KaileyBeckieSt. Martin de PorresDr. Julio Garcia 2019
LucaGallerW.H. Croxford High SchoolDr. Susan Lees-Miller2019
MartinaMinSt. Francis High SchoolDr. Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen2019
MaryLongWilliam Aberhart High SchoolDr. Savraj Grewal2019
MonicaLopezWestmount Charter SchoolDr. Faizal Careem2019
NavGillChestermere High SchoolDr. Ranjani Somayaji2019
PakeezaMushtaqBrooks Composite High SchoolDr. Naweed Syed2019
ShounakRayWebber AcademyDr. Edwin Wang2019
AaronAbrahamWebber Academy Dr. Qingrun Zhang2018
AbbyHawkenProvost Public SchoolDr. Mark Ungrin2018
AllisonGuthrieÉcole Secondaire Notre Dame High SchoolDr. Mark Ungrin2018
AnnabellaBregazziWestern Canada High SchoolDr. Susan Graham2018
AnuradhaBaishnobNelson Mandela High SchoolDr. Dawn Kingston2018
AryanZawariChestermere High SchoolDr. Steven Greenway2018
AzinDolatabadiMedicine Hat High SchoolDr. Laura Sycuro2018
EmilyLaycockCrescent Heights High SchoolDr. Kirsten Fiest2018
JacksonCooperWilliam Aberhart High SchoolDr. Naweed Syed2018
JuliaBeaumontSt. Francis High SchoolDr. Walter Herzog2018
KatherineYuanWestern Canada High SchoolDr. Stephanie Borgland2018
MaggieThaiJohn G. Diefenbaker High SchoolDr. Laura Curiel2018
MariamAliWest Island College (WIC)Dr. Faizal Abdul Careem 2018
MataeaArmstrongW.H. Croxford High SchoolDr. Guang Yang2018
PeterGobranSt. Francis High SchoolDr. Gerald Giesbrecht2018
SerenaZhangBishop Carroll High SchoolDr. Jiami Guo2018
ShylaBharadiaFoundations for the Future Charter Academy (FFCA)Dr. Karen Benzies2018
SimranSandhuRenert SchoolDr. Derek Exner2018
SunainaRangarajanRenert SchoolDr. Linda Duffett-Leger2018
ThérèsePoulinWilliam Aberhart High SchoolDr. Marc Poulin2018
Ye-JeanParkWebber AcademyDr. Paul Mains2018
ZainabAliWestmount Charter High SchoolDr. Tanvir Turin Chowdhury2018
AnchitaShonakThe Renert SchoolDr. Roman Krawetz2017
ArzinaJafferStrathcona Tweedsmuir SchoolDr. Eduardo Cobo2017
ColetteBenkoSt. Mary’s High SchoolDr. Aru Narendran2017
CurtisOstertagSpringbank Community High SchoolDr. Walter Herzog2017
JordanHassettChestermere High SchoolDr. C. Adam Kirton2017
JosephGirgisSt. Francis High SchoolDr. Alexander Whalley2017
JoshuaHuangSir Winston Churchill High SchoolDr. Nicole Culos-Reed2017
KatherineHovdestadWestmount Charter SchoolDr. Mark Ungrin2017
Katherine (Xinyu)LiangWestern Canada High SchoolDr. Guang Yang2017
KayleighYangWestern Canada High SchoolDr. Marc Poulin2017
KiranSandhuForest Lawn High SchoolDr. Mark Ungrin2017
LexiHillRundle College Jr./Sr. High School Dr. Craig Jenne2017
RichardPengQueen Elizabeth High School Dr. John Gilleard2017
RosieZhaoQueen Elizabeth High SchoolDr. Campbell Rolian2017
SimoneCampbellJohn G. Diefenbaker High SchoolDr. Quan Long2017
TaliaBeckieSt. Martin de Porres High SchoolDr. Aneal Khan2017
MackenzieAranasHugh Sutherland SchoolDr. Susan Kutz2017
MichaelPotemkinWestmount Charter SchoolDr. Tao Dong2017
OnbeeKimRobert Thirsk High SchoolDr. Susan Graham 2017
RachelShuckHeritage Christian AcademyDr. Turin Tanvir Chowdhury2017
SarahLambrosSpringbank Community High SchoolDr. Gerald Pfeffer2017
SrijalGuptaRobert Thirsk High SchoolDr. Sabine Gilch2017