HYRS Student - Non-Academic Reference

Student applicants are required to have one reference from a non-academic source – an adult who is not a relative of the student and is from outside their school.

HYRS will place students in a position of trust with a university researcher. The HYRS participants will work on projects that will be used in the scientists’ ongoing research. Therefore, the HYRS participants’ work will have an effect on the scientists’ professional reputations. HYRS participants will also work, and in some cases live in dormitories, with a diverse group of people. To ensure the success of the HYRS program and the personal well-being of the participants, the organizers must select not only the most accomplished applicants, but those who will conduct themselves in a mature, responsible manner at all times.

Your candid remarks on the students character traits, skill sets, work ethic, leadership and organizational abilities are appreciated and will be used in an appropriate and confidential manner to help us select HYRS participants. The final deadline for submission of your reference is 4:00 PM (MT) Friday, March 25, 2022.

Please direct questions or feedback about the application process to the UCalgary Research Services Office at rsotrainee@ucalgary.ca.